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Well, rl health problems win again. I wanted to do a lot more about Anna this week, but I wasn't able to track down the stuff I wanted to post.

I do have two great Anna fic recs:
Angel Radio by [ profile] musesfool - "The world could end tomorrow."
Saving Grace by [ profile] irony_rocks - When Lucifer arises, Anna is across the globe in the shambles of a tiny village outside Fallujah. This is just the beginning. The road ahead will be long and unforgiving.

I hope WE LOVE THE WOMEN FANDOM HATES WEEK proves a point. I frequently hear individuals comment about how "everyone" hates a certain female character, when that's only the individual's opinion. I even heard Jensen, Jared and Misha talking in an interview about how the female fans hate all the female characters because they hear the hateful comments. I was very embarrassed for my fandom. In reality, strong female characters have many fans in every fandom.
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More Anna Picspam! )
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Anna Picspam! )
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Like many female fans out there, I'm sure, I get frustrated with the vocal minority of haters trashing great characters, convincing the cast and crew of our favorite shows that we all hate the female characters, and even getting great characters written off.

For the next week, I will attempt to post Anna Milton related media every day. (I say "attempt" because of health problems.)

I adore Anna (Julie McNiven). I think she's beautiful and a great character. Not only was she a strong character, she was good to our boys (until they made her into a MTOW *sigh*).

Anna was the first character who knew what Dean did in hell and told him he should forgive himself. Up to that point, the characters who mentioned what Dean did used it against him. She showed how much she didn’t find him repulsive because of his actions by being intimate with him. She also told him he had people who cared about him and he should open up to those people. At the end of the episode, Dean opened up to Sam and finally began the very long healing process.

Anna was the first free will angel. Gabriel just wanted to escape his brothers' rivalry. When she fell, she might have just wanted to experience being human, but after she got her grace back, she tried to convince Castiel to help Dean by going against his orders and stopping Dean's torture of Alistair. She told him he knew his orders were wrong and not what their Father would want. Anna was the original “Ask questions and choose what you believe is right”, free will angel.

I miss Anna. I wish they'd kept her around and taken her character in a different direction.


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