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Are You Watching Supernatural? by Siri and Chloe K. (Supernatural) - Promotion campaign.
Big City Life by [ profile] lithiumdoll  (Dark Angel) - "It's all good all the time."
A Child's Prayer by [ profile] brihana25 (Supernatural) - He gives all he has and all he is keep his brother safe, but who does Dean turn to for help when life is just too much? Song: Ave Mary A by Pink.
20th Century Boy by KK (Dark Angel) - Hotness of Alec.
Cosmic Love (Team Free Will versus the Agents of Fate) by aquaenumen (Supernatural) - What would you rather have: peace, or freedom?
& nothing by SmokeyFiizz (Supernatural) - The apocalyptic aspect of Supernatural & what roles the brothers played in it.
Come, Little Children by ILoveThesePeople (Supernatural) - This is a tribute to all the kids from the tv show Supernatural that sufficiently creeped me out.
Mother Mary by elliepdowd (Supernatural AU) - After John dies the brothers are hunting alone, it's a hard and lonely life much of it spent on the run from the law. Mary's restless spirit is drawn to her sons in comfort, her anger grows as she watches them get hurt but she is powerless to help. Mary summons Castiel, through him she vents her anger and wrath on anyone or anything that dares to spill Winchester blood. However, the angels plan to retaliate, they send Anna back in time to kill Mary. Castiel follows to protect her, the essence of that encounter leads her to believe that her family has an angel watching over them.
Demon!Winchesters vs the Angels 'Beginning of the Twist' by sakuri69 (Supernatural AU) - Second in the Darkside Trilogy. The demonic brothers Winchester have finally caused enough trouble to draw attention from the Higher Ups. Now they have to survive the garrison of angels sent to destroy them - especially that annoying little one in the trench coat who just won't seem to give up...
O Death by thelostgirl101 (Doctor Who) - Weeping Angels.
This is the End by ash4897 (Supernatural) - "Whatever you do, you will always end up here."
In Dreams by Lsketch42 (Supernatural) - "Dream nobly and thy dreams shall be prophets."
Tom Hardy ~ This One's For The Lonely by deppaholic47
Brick - For The Restless by LithiumDoll (Brick)
(500) Days Of Summer - Bank Dance - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? directed by Marc Webb with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel; song performed by She&Him - In a bank heist the teller's heart is stolen along with the cash.
Tooth for a tooth by TearaPhoenix (Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries) - Damon kills Sam and Jessica. Dean seeks revenge.
Harry Potter | Marchin On by dazzleme7 (Harry Potter) - Fan tribute.
Vid maker rec: lucaszd88, particularly This Is War, Fear of the Dark and Rolling in the Deep (Supernatural), and We Want War (The Mummy/The Mummy Returns).


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