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If It Wasn't For You Meddling Kids by [ profile] apocalypsos - Jared is one of the leads of the new TV show "Supernatural", but under cover of darkness he is Shadow, a costumed superhero in dark blue spandex who prowls the streets fighting crime and saving people.
as though nothing could fall by [ profile] kellifer_fic - Jared Padalecki is born with power into a world of superheroes, but when you’re a minor player in a world of champions it’s easy to lose your way. Assigned a sidekick, Jensen, that seems to find him exasperating and part of a team that couldn’t fight their way out of a wet paper bag, Jared starts thinking that maybe all he’s destined for is obscurity.
Naked Under Here by [ profile] fleshflutter - Written as part of [ profile] spn_reversebang.
Butterflies and Hurricanes by [ profile] audrarose - Genetically-enhanced psychic assassins. And also schmoop. I don't know what else to say, really.
Unstoppable - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 by [ profile] janissa11 - J2 go to Sky High.
Veterans of the Psychic Wars by [ profile] kalireynn and [ profile] kellwyntar - At the most desperate moment in humanity's history, two men would face the battle. Jared Padalecki, a Psion whose power could only lead him to self-destruction alone in the face of the horrors of war, and Jensen Ackles, a Guardian fractured by his past. Apart, they are broken and incomplete. Together, they just might save the world, and maybe even themselves.
Seek to Know No More by [ profile] chiiyo86 - Jensen is a transparent – hard to notice, easy to forget, he’s spent his whole life fading into the background. Jared is a psychometrist – he can read bits and pieces of thoughts and memories from people and objects. They had casual sex a few years ago, and when they meet again Jensen is surprised that Jared remembers him. They have sex again, but Jensen is wary of Jared’s ability and generally not very good at relationships. In the meantime, people with abilities are getting killed, a mysterious journalist visits Jensen and Jared, people are following Jensen, Jared has a vision he can’t explain, and everything becomes very complicated and very dangerous.
Possibilities You Don't Even Know You've Got by [ profile] longsufferingly - Teen superheroes and the high school newspaper reporters who stalk them. Or, the one where Jensen is kind of Superman and Jared is kind of Lois Lane, but not really.
My Love is Like to Ice, and I to Fire by [ profile] __tiana__ - In a world where superheroes exist, Jensen and Jared possess opposite abilities: Jensen controls ice, and Jared fire. Their first meeting results in Jensen's accidental near-death, so imagine his dismay a few years later when Jared joins his team. Team Alpha includes heroes with powers ranging from electrokinesis to teleportation. Jensen will have to face his painful past, his opposite-powered teammate, and his unexpected feelings for Jared, codename Phoenix, in that order. When a crew of villains sends the team into a tailspin, will this be a turning point for Jared and Jensen, or the end of all they've begun to build?


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